Say Goodbye to Harmful Toxins and Hello to a Healthier Home.

Let’s create a space that promotes your optimal physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Many people unknowingly live in homes that make them sick. Buildings are full of health hazards. Environmental toxins like lead, asbestos, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can contribute to respiratory issues, allergies, asthma, cancer, and even neurological damage. Since most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors, it’s essential to rid your home of toxins to create a nurturing space that supports the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

Why work with Chriss Healthy Homes?

  • Extensive training and specialized certification
  • Most thorough healthy home inspections in the industry
  • State-of-the-art professional equipment and reporting procedures
  • Latest research
  • Experts in prevention


The number of chemicals found in newborn babies in an Environmental Working Group study.
The percentage of Americans with PFAS “forever chemicals” in their bodies according to recent research.
The percentage of buildings in the U.S. that the CDC reports have dangerous levels of mold growth.
The number of contaminants found in tap water from public water systems across the U.S.

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Hear From our Clients

Feliz Martone

Homeowner and Business Owner

I am pleased to share my experience with Chriss Healthy Homes and to recommend their services to anyone looking to improve the health and safety of their living spaces. 

Few people realize the importance of ensuring that their home is free from toxins, because so many of them we cannot see! 

That is where Shawna’s expertise comes in. Working with her was a pleasure. Her extensive knowledge and professionalism were immediately apparent. I was impressed by the level of thoroughness, and I appreciated most the detailed report of the findings, complete with step-by-step instructions for addressing the issues discovered. 

What I particularly enjoyed about Shawna was her commitment to going above and beyond for her clients. She is trustworthy and her expertise is unparalleled in Albuquerque. 

If you are looking for mold inspections, Shawna provides the most thorough one available. I would not hesitate to work with Chriss Healthy Homes again and highly recommend the Healthy Home Makeover to anyone who cares about their living environments being healthy and safe. 

Lissa Easton


I’m not one who usually writes reviews, but I was so impressed by Shawna that it was a must!

I have been suffering from (what I thought was) allergies for a while. I had tried everything I could think of but never seemed to be able to get relief. A friend of mine recommended I get my home checked for mold, and she knew someone.

This is how Shawna came into my home. 

She was so friendly from the moment she walked in my door, it was like I had known her forever. She has a winning personality that beams with knowledge and confidence. She made me feel as if it were her own home that she was taking care of. Every nook and cranny were inspected.

Shawna is incredibly professional, and brilliantly knowledgeable about mold, and other toxins that one would never even think about. I wouldn’t have known where to begin removing the toxins she uncovered, but then she amazed me again! She provided me with an incredibly detailed list of the steps to take to remedy the issues!

Without Shawna, and her Healthy Home Makeover, I never would have known how I could reduce mold and toxins from my home. I feel better physically and mentally knowing that I can rest easy after her inspection.

I recommend that everyone, regardless of the state of your home, get a Healthy Home Makeover. I have no doubt you will be as completely blown away as I was by just how many toxins there are in your home, and that it’s not as hard as you think (with Shawna’s help!) to get rid of them!

Cindy Mantegna


Shawna possesses a rare and comprehensive skill set that allows her to find indoor environmental toxins. I had never heard of a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, but a friend recommended her services after she helped them set up their nursery as part of her baby safe assessment.

Shawna’s knowledge is extremely impressive. She clearly knows what she’s doing and is very professional about it. I suspected we had an issue (an at-home radon test came back a little high) but I was surprised we were missing insulation behind one of our walls! You could only see it with her infra-red camera. I’m so glad we asked her to do the full assessment. Otherwise, we could’ve had condensation behind that wall which I know can cause mold to grow.

Fortunately, it was an easy fix, as were the few other problems she discovered. My husband especially appreciated that she provided specific and practical solutions to solve the issues she found. She also recommended products she had already vetted which saved me a lot of time doing research.

If you are looking for someone who truly cares about making your home healthier – and who knows how to do it – I wholeheartedly recommend Shawna Chriss and Chriss Healthy Homes.

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